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The challenge is even greater than you think

By every measure, ad fraud is a multi-billion dollar crime. By our measure, it’s much worse. The fact is, Excelaca’s platform regularly detects up to 60 times more ad fraud than any other solution in the world.

That’s the impact Excelaca brings to digital advertising.

Excelaca's proprietary technology is actively deployed in National Defense Systems

Our technology is utilized by nation states to identify organizations exploiting the digital ecosystem supporting nefarious acts. It’s used to help dry up funding for terrorism. On a consistent basis, the fraud reported by this technology is significantly greater than fraud reported by legacy systems. With our deep roots in cyber-security, we are able to apply our knowledge to fight fraud in online advertising. With Excelaca​, brands benefit from reliable and actionable data, full oversight and control of their ads and a significant reduction in non-performing or unwanted media.

We’ve refocused the power of Reprivata

Reprivata’s Community of Trust was created to be the solution to data security and privacy for organizations worldwide. www.reprivata.com It’s the power of Reprivata that makes Excelaca possible. With Excelaca, we’ve utilized this one-of-a-kind platform to address the growing and increasingly complex issue of ad fraud. It’s nation state cybersecurity and it’s available to you now. We invite you to learn more. We welcome comparisons. We are confident of the capabilities – and the results – that Excelaca can offer you.

Real-World Results:

A Major Alcohol Brand instructed a Tier 1 Agency to serve ads on 1,500 White Listed Domains. Excelaca showed the ads were actually served to over 650,000 Domains.

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