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Dynamic brand risk management

Data is collected from three different channels.

A standard JavaScript Ad Tag is inserted into the creative
TCP/IP network layer traffic data collected out of each browser served
A standard JavaScript Tag is inserted on the landing pages and conversion pages (Optional)
This unique three-pronged independent data collection approach provides Excelaca with full data transparency which we systematically convert into actionable analysis to manage reputational risk.

Real-time ad fraud mitigation

Excelaca uniquely identifies each browser served an ad impression.
Checks against the brand’s proprietary database
Latency times are measured in single-digit milliseconds
Acts as a real-time digital compliance officer

Segregates bots

Excelaca reporting identifies:

By segregating bots, the remaining clean certified activity report enables advertisers to make better media buying decisions.
Block list recommendations can be made hourly, daily, and weekly based on thresholds set by the advertiser, reducing ad fraud and ad waste dramatically. Advertisers can deploy our Pre-Bid Brand Protection Domain Controller API to dynamically block domains and apps that are heavily populated by robotic systems the moment they are detected.

Improve future campaigns

Excelaca’s database allows you to identify:
Which creative was most - or least - successful by region or time
What domains / apps offer the best ROI
What delivery channels were most successful
Data can also be used to remove unwanted devices from your properties and can even help identify bad devices and bad IP addresses that can be blocked, reducing your cyber-security footprint.

Validate vendor billing and reporting

Excelaca deploys an Immutable Ledger through Ethereum Blockchain to collect - at scale - the data generated from each ad and establish an official Book of Record. Advertisers can audit their digital ad campaigns, just like they would audit their financial records.

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